Tillie Anderson Ladies six-day bicycle races 1895-1902 World Champion.  Rider of Thistle medium grade cycles


In an interview for a St. Louis newspaper, Tillie states:

"I did not take to the wheel for my health, particularly. I suppose it was more for the reason that bicycles were being used by women and I wanted to try the fad. From the start I have been in love with wheeling. I was very weak when I began, but now I never suffer from pains and aches, as most women do."

"I think it is a delightful sport and the best possible exercise, though I regularly practice club-swinging, dumb-bell lifting, a little boxing, take lots of outdoor exercise and look after my health as best I can…."

"Three years ago I was very fat in the legs, almost as much so as Miss Peterson, one of my competitors in the St. Louis race, is today. My muscles were not at all developed, though it was but a short time when the fat began to peel off and give way to sinewy strength. My abdominal and arm muscles also developed rapidly, and I have a peculiarly prominent one in the back, due I think, to bending over the wheel."

"It does not fatigue me in the least to take part in these long- distance races, and I am just as fresh after a two-hour’s run as when I commence,"and her appearance bore out her statement. It was just after she had won a great victory at the Coliseum that she received The Republic representatives.

--Tillie Anderson
The St. Louis Republic,
Sunday, December 12, 1897

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